Marketing video production costs

Marketing video production costs - XALTUS - Andrea Steinbach - Digital Marketing Video Production - Prices
Marketing video production costs

Would you like to have a digital marketing video produced and calculate the costs in advance?

Unique online marketing videos with individual terms: flat rate + precise billing.

The XALTUS marketing video production costs are are simply structured. Digital marketing video works in a similar way as you already know it from TV advertising. The clip has to attract the attention of your target group in the first few seconds. Long running times are not necessary. The interested viewer has the following options at all times:

  • stop / repeat the video
  • read the text of the post
  • visit your shop or homepage etc.

beautiful simple is simply beautiful

For each video production I charge a flat rate of 350 euros plus. 7% VAT. This includes up to 16 seconds of video runtime. This includes music, animation and any graphics and image material that you do not provide and unlimited licensing for commercial use.

Every second going beyond that is added with 20 euros plus. 7% VAT. At the start of the project, you have the option to set the maximum production price / the duration of your marketing video. You can also choose a pre-made video for a fixed price in the shop.

Of course, you also have the option of synchronizing your video yourself or having your text recorded by a professional speaker. The insertion of a soundtrack you have submitted is in the above price included – synchronization costs are not included and will be calculated based on actual effort.

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