Why a XALTUS marketing video

XALTUS - Andrea Steinbach - Digital Marketing Video - Why a marketing video produced by XALTUS

Why have a marketing video produced by XALTUS and how does it work? In contrast to the large advertising agencies, I personally advise my customers on the selection of the right video format and channel for their advertising goals. Everything is produced individually – no two videos are the same. I attach great importance to this. No “kit” or “tool” is used here.

I develop your digital marketing video creatively, according to your advertising goals and analysis of your media already on the Internet. You don’t necessarily have to have new images produced for the promotional videos I developed.

Why a XALTUS marketing video part of digital transformation is?

Marketing videos are an important part of your marketing mix. Most managing directors / owners of small and medium-sized companies are aware of the following: We have to be visible on the Internet. But how can you achieve this, if possible with little financial means? Maintaining one or more social media channels is time-consuming and expensive. Switching so-called “paid ads” (paid advertising) can be very expensive, but it does not have to be: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can do this for just a few euros a day. Google Posts even free. So you can reach your target group professionally and continuously for a small budget. In contrast to a graphic display, the cheapest option is currently the video format.

beautiful simple is simply beautiful

Benefit from my many years of experience as a digital marketing manager and let me work creatively; You do not have to submit any texts and I would also be happy to provide images free of charge. I always strive to make all processes as simple and transparent as possible.

Would you like to find out about the prices / costs for your individual, creative digital marketing video before the start of production? Then this is possible here. I look forward to hear from you, e.g. via LinkedIN, XING, Facebook